What payment method can I use?

We accept PayPal payments, currently only card payments are accepted in some countries.

My card has been deducted but I don't receive any download link

Don’t worry, Your Payment is being verified by PayPal because you use a bank card located in countries where global payments are not allowed, PayPal will verify your payment within 24h, after successful verification. The system will automatically resend the download links to you via email.

To make sure you don’t have the above problem create a paypal account and pay for your order with PayPal to be able to download your orders instantly.

Where will I get download links and what files will I download?

After successful payment for the order the download link will appear immediately in the order and a link will be emailed to you.
To make sure you don’t lose download links, please register an account on our website to save download links.

You will download the file through Google Drive which includes a zip file, you need to extract it, in the zip file includes an original PSD and a JPG image.

What is the image quality of the templates and can I print it?

Most of our templates have high image quality and are printable, with each product we label the image parameters and sizes.
If you are unsure of the image quality of the templates please download our free templates or purchase one to test.

Can I buy all the templates from the store for cheap?

Currently we have packed 300+ pet template 2021 and 2022 here, you can buy it for less than the packages will differ in price due to better improve image quality and PSD 2022 file

How do I add a photo of my pet to the template?

Just open our PSD template with photoshop software, use the Pen tool to cut and paste your pet’s face into the template then adjust the size to suit, use the brushes to process the cat’s fur.

If you are new to photoshop and are learning pet portrait design you can watch the tutorial on youtube and follow the tutorial, practice it over and over and you will get pet photo design skills in no time. professionally

For what purposes am I allowed to use the template?

You can use the templates for pet portrait customization services and pet print business printing.
You cannot resell original downloads.